28 August, 2015

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GROUNDNUT – GARLIC DRY POWDER in word we can say it is fantastic powder or podi.This yummy powder is made by very few ingredients ie. Groundnut & Garlic, these both are excellent combination.Everyone can make this powder, it is very simple & easy.This is one of the recipe we can do  whenever there is no time in our hand .You can store this Groundnut – Garlic dry powder for longer time too.This powder perfectly goes well with rice or any breakfast.

So come on lets jump into the process….

Ingredients :
  1. Ground nuts  –  85grms
  2. Garlic  – 3 pods
  3. Salt  –  ½ tbsp  (as per your taste)
  4. Chilli powder  – ½ tbsp (as per your taste)
Preparation method :
  • Heat a kadai on stove, add ground nuts and garlic fry them until they gets little brown color.

    Groundnut & Garlic Dry Powder

  • Take them aside into a plate and cool them.
  • Now take ground nuts, garlic, salt and chilli powder into mixy jar and grind them into fine powder (as per your taste).

    Groundnut & Garlic Dry Powder

    Groundnut & Garlic Dry Powder

    Groundnut & Garlic Dry Powder

Have this delicious and mouthwatering powder with rice, idly and dosa.

You can store this powder for longer time.


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