mushroom curry recipe | how to make mushroom masala gravy recipe for chapathi

mushroom gravy,mushroom curry for chapati,mushroom gravy recipe

mushroom curry recipe – indian white button mushrooms cooked in an onion-tomato based gravy. mushroom masala gravy is simple, creamy, rich and delicious masala which has very delicious taste. to enhance the taste i have added cashews to the recipe . learn how to make mushroom curry recipe with step by step photos. A mushroom is fleshy, spore-bearing […]

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Bottle gourd recipes | sorakaya curry | Lauki recipe for chapathi, rice | dudhi-recipes

lauki or bottle gourd recipe for chapathi, rice with step by step photos,

bottle gourd recipes for chapathi with step by step photos. This bottle gourd recipe is prepared with groundnut and tomato gravy. We can prepare so many dishes with this bottle gourd / sorakkai/ sorakaya / lauki / dudhi like lauki ki sabzi, bottle gourd paratha, lauki ki halwa, instant bottle gourd dosa recipe. This sorakaya curry is no […]

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beans sabzi for roti | how to make beans curry for rice chapathi | beans poriyal

beans curry for rice- beans sabzi for roti

beans sabzi for roti with step by step photos. this beans curry for rice roti is very delicious sabzi. Beans & ground nuts are excellent combination which has very delicious taste. showing south indian beans curry. this beans sabzi for roti is one of my favorite curry for rice roti. try this other beans sabzi for roti. […]

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aloo kofta curry, how to make potato kofta balls recipe

aloo kofta recipe, Potato balls in rich gravy,

aloo kofta curry – potato balls are deep fried and these yummy potato koftas balls are cooked in rich cashew & makhani gravy, can have as a side dish for rice or roti or poori or naan or fried rice. aloo kofta recipe with step by step photos. aloo kofta curry is my most favorite curry. This […]

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dondakaya fry (vepudu) recipe | tindora fry recipe

dondakaya vepudu

dondakaya fry (vepudu) recipe is very easy to prepare. The pakoda batter forms crispy texture around the tendli which has an excellent taste. tindora fry recipe is one of the best curries to prepare when guests are arriving. If I prepare this curry I will finish in one sitting. dondakaya fry goes well with rice […]

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