groundnut chutney | palli chutney hotel style | groundnut chutney for rice

Groundnuts chutney | peanut chutney | palli chutney

groundnut chutney is a very simple and quick recipe. we can serve groundnut chutney for rice dosa idli. showing palli chutney hotel style.  We will prepare this chutney with roasted peanuts & roasted chana dal (some call as chutney dal).groundnut chutney has a great flavour with garlic punch. other chutney recipes for dosa idli rice coconut […]

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groundnut chutney recipe, how to make groundnut chutney | peanut chutney

Ground nut & almond chutney

groundnut chutney with step by step photos. groundnut chutney is very perfect option for dosa or idly. we can say groundnut chutney recipe is very healthy start in the morning breakfast as we are adding two healthy ingredients groundnuts and almonds at a time. If you are looking for regular palli chutney or peanut chutney then look […]

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gongura pachadi recipe, gongura chutney for rice idli dosa chapathi

gongura chutney, gongura pachadi recipe

Gongura pachadi is very famous chutney in Andhra Pradesh. There are so many variations for gongura chutney. Today I am showing gongura pachadi recipe Andhra style. This is instant gongura chutney but you can save in air tight container and keep in fridge for 3 days. gongura chutney is prepared with gongura leaves called as […]

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tomato chutney for rice | andhra tomato chutney | tomato pachadi for rice

andhra tomato chutney | tomato chutney for rice | tomato pachadi for rice | tomato chutney for dosa

andhra tomato chutney – tangy, creamy, spicy chutney. how to make tomato chutney for rice, roti, chapati, paratha, dosa, idly. andhra tomato chutney is prepared with ripen tomatoes, cashews and groundnuts, coconut and along with some indian spices. as we are adding tamarind, nuts and spices so tomato chutney for dosa will be nice tangy, creamy and […]

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bombay chutney | besan chutney | kadalai maavu chutney recipe

bombay chuntey recipe - Kadalai Maavu Chutney - Senga Pachadi

bomaby chutney with step by step photos. besan chutney is an excellent chutney with ultimate taste. bombay chutney is also known as kadalai maavu chutney or senga pachadi. chutney has very simple process to prepare. bombay chutney is a perfect side dish for idly poori dosa roti chapati. this besan chutney is my most favorite […]

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